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Property Management – Post completion of a purchase our clients need ongoing management of their assets. Whether it is sourcing a professional tenant, works being carried out in the property to precise standards of our clients or providing maintenance as a holiday home, we have the resources and experience to deliver on these demands of our clients. Ultimately our straight forward approach of providing end to end solutions to our clients differentiates us from the competition.

Commercial Finance – Finance is an integral part of any commercial or business entity and property is no different. Here at IGNESEA, we truly understand that our clients are dependent upon timely, effective and best possible finance solutions for their investments. In order to deliver these objectives we are happy to present or introduce viable commercial finance options within tight time scales.

Whether you are looking for standalone commercial finance for a new purchase or looking to refinance an existing portfolio, we are sure our team has the experience and resources available to add value to any of your commercial finance requirements.

Business Finance – The lifeline of any economy is the hugely dependent upon the health of its business sector. Whether it is a large corporate house or a small and medium enterprise, the contribution to a country’s GDP is immense. A timely stream of finance always turns to be a lifeline for any business. Now more than ever so, we are able to unleash the potential of our hitherto contacts in helping businesses gain this valuable resource. If this is something you are looking to achieve, we will be happy to assist you.

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